Font Suggestion please

Hi everyone!

I need a little help from you guys. I'm in the process laying out a book for a client, the body text of the text will be 'Korinna', now between all the chapters there will be excerpts from a journal/diary, and the client wants a handwriting font that's legible, now I know there are alot of handwriting fonts out there but I need something really professional and nice, and also it should have a regular font + italic.

Thanx for all your help until now



There are very few handwriting fonts with both upright and italic versions. If you need italic for emphasis, I suggest using a bolder weight instead. Here are a variety of professional handwriting fonts, many of which have multiple weights.

It may be too late to make a change, but I don't think Karinna is a wise choice for body text. It's far too idiosyncratic and will distract readers. If you can tell me a little more about the book, I could offer some appropriate alternatives.

Thanx stephen for your info. The book will be about a girl that has cerebral palsy but her brain is very sharp etc. and it's not too late because I didn't start the typesetting process yet. Why do u say that korinna won't be such a good choice, if I recall I saw quite a few books with this typeface? what font would u suggest?

Also I saw the link that you provided about the script lettering, so what would you suggest for a font? but remember there MUST be italics too.

Thanx for your help