american gothic or british grotesque or …?

Hi everyone !

I’ve found this grotesque in a dutch book from 1939

Some letters have specific details : G, R, g, a
It’s a sans serif font with contrasted letters : p, n, q, u, a (but not lower case r)
Also, the egg shape of letter O, C, o, e, and the squarish part of letters j, t, a, f
It seems that the only letter that has a terminal going back inside the shape is the capital J

a gothic from an american foundry or a british one ?

any ideas ?
cheers !


I just hunted through the Jaspert "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces" and this was not among the Lineales. The odd G, which has a 'beard' but nor 'chin', or 'jaw', seems vaguely familiar, but I couldn't find it.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Mike for your reply
yes, the G is weird. and if it has a "beard", the letter R has a leg and a foot for sure !

I still haven't found what this typeface is…
I hope to find it out soon and come here to post it