British Rail Font

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The classic British rail font/logo by kenneth grange?

where can i get it?

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There appears to be some evidence that the font might have been designed by by Jock Kinneir, see the last page here. There's also a possible link here, scroll down to row 26.

I seem to recall a wall in one of the rooms at my art college being covered in brand use guideline posters, because one of the tutors had been involved in the design. Unfortunately I had approximately zero interest in corporate design or typography ##years ago.

OK OK c.25years

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Could have lived without the downloads.

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Yet another thread where we never get to see the sample we're asked to ID...

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kinneir & calvert also designed signage faces for the motorways, roads, and hospitals in britain.

conor, to answer your original question: these fonts (including the BR font) are not available commercially

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It isn't quite the same, though. Look at the cap M and the lower case R. Helvetica is probably closer.

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alex's link shows a version sold by urw++ of transport,kinnear's font for the british road system. although it shares some similaries with continental sans of the 50s, it does it's own thing (check the l,t,R etc); it's not just a redrawing of Akzidenz Grotesk or Helvetica. so its not a sub for BR (not sure if that's what you meant).

if you want something that's close to the BR font, start with Akzidenz Grotesk or Helvetica.

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thanks for that


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