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Walbaum Woes

Hello Typophiles:

I need some help to get my German on!

I'm setting a book in StormType's Walbaum Text with Optima all-caps titling, but there are several places where I'd like to use Walbaum at titling sizes.

I like Storm's cut because they softened the face with slightly rounded edges of the serifs. The serifs also have slightly "scupped" top and bottom faces. I think this gentle flaring of the characters works nicely with Optima's bell-bottom-wearing profiles. But, Storm's cut is meant for use at 11-point and below - these rounded shapes look too chunky when enlarged.

Does anyone know of a cut of Walbaum that has thinner and perfectly square serifs like H&FJ's gorgeous Didot for use at display sizes?

I suppose I could sneak a little Didot in where needed (purists gasp here), but it's got that Frenchy look.....and this is a book about German philosophy no less (Kant, Schopenhauer!)

I may just have to settle for using tiny tracked-out Walbaum small caps subtitles under Optima titles...

Thanks - DiSH

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2 possibilities:

Scangraphic's display cut, Walbaum SH.
Or the display version of Prillwitz.