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Serif. Mixture of Garamond and Plantin Schoolbook?

Sorry for the poor quality scan. This is from a classic British children's book celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. I'm not sure if it has always been set in this typeface.

whatthefont seems to ignore the lower case g and a, and says it is Garamond Light. Indentifont says Plantin Schoolbook or Plantin Infant, but that is ignoring the serifs on the T and W.


Hmmm, not Bembo Schoolbook, either.


Is there an ITC Garamond Schoolbook? ;)

Thanks. That is close too. I've got 24 hours to find the actual one and if not I'll go for either the Bembo or Plantin.

Everything except the 'a' and 'g' is definitely ITC Garamond, so I'm guessing this is either a custom schoolbook version of ITC Garamond, or perhaps as Marc suggested there may have been an ITC Garamond Schoolbook out there at some point.

- Lex

I know this was way back but did you reslove this? Did you find the font? I have very similar one used in Elmer picture books as well and I also need to find out what it is really called. The file we used is called Garom 3Inf but I don't think such a font really exisits.
The closest I have are Plantin Edu (sometimes called SchoolBook) and Bembo Schoolbook (sometimes called Infant) I'd be very interested to know if you used something better / closer to this one in Tiger Who Came to Tea.