Uniscript and arabic

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Uniscript and arabic

Dear all

still in my attempts to build my opentype sogdian font based on a highjacked arabic range, I do not manage to create one which Word XP would accept : either it crashes or Word will switch to another font each times I try to use my font.
So my question is : is there somewhere a list of compulsory specifications for an arabic font to be usable by uniscript ?
For instance my sogdian font has far less glyphs than an arabic one, so that I have deleted some of the arabic letters. But may be Uniscript will not accept to recognize a font as arabic without the complete set of basic arabic letters ? This is this kind of information that I need. What are the minimum requirements for a font to be used by uniscript ? a link or any help would be welcome.


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The issue is not Uniscribe (note Uniscribe not ‘Uniscript’) but the RichEdit rich text format layout engine which is used by Word and other MS apps for, among other things, ‘intelligent’ font switching. This often annoys me, partly because I’ve never figured out exactly what algorithm RichEdit uses to determine whether a given font supports a specific script or languages. It may well be that all Arabic characters from the MS Arabic codepage need to be present in a font in order for that font to be recognised as Arabic.