Font ID: Swiss poster

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Hi guys,

Never asked for a font ID before, but to be honest I have no idea how else to find this out. While in St. Prex, Switzerland, we visited a gallery which had this poster outside. The typeface is beautiful! I'd love to know what it is - can anyone help?

Thanks in advance - sorry if it's something really obvious. Both me and my girlfriend thought it looked familiar, but couldn't place it.

Andi [semibad]

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It’s Anivers by Jos Buivenga


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No wonder it looked familiar - I'd downloaded Anivers right before I left for the trip! A little bit embarrased now, I'm a big fan of his work.

Thank you Pieter, very much appreciated...



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Nice! Thanks for posting these images Andi.
And for being a big fan without (sometimes) not knowing it ;-)

Shame they didn't use the lining figures for the date in the first image.

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