Windows Vista & Opentype Problem

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Windows Vista & Opentype Problem

Here's a weird problem (of many weird problems since moving over to windows vista). I've set up an ornament feature in my latest script font. It works fine on a Windows XP machine with Illustrator CS but on a Windows Vista machine using Illustrator CS2 here is what happens.

as you can see from the picture, when the first sequence is typed out (from the glyph menu in illustrator) what I get is not what I typed. The last ornament turns into the next ornament typed. This is a very basic and simple ornm feature:

feature ornm {
sub bullet from @ornaments;
} ornm;

@ornaments = [orn.01 orn.02 orn.03 orn.07 orn.05 orn.06 orn.04 orn.08 orn.09 orn.10 orn.11 orn.12 orn.13 orn.14 orn.15];

feature ornm; is also placed in the aalt feature at the very bottom.

Is this a bug in Vista? Illustrator CS2? or the two combined? Would updating Illustrator help? Anyone have similar problems when testing OT fonts in Vista?

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We just noticed the same problem in Illustrator CS 2 on Windows XP. It seems to be fixed in CS3.

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Is it only CS2/Win? Will there be an update for CS2 users?