ID - Script typeface

Hey! This is from Julian Morey's page from the book 50 Designers' Current Favourite Typefaces. I really love it and I can't find it anywhere!

Scott Sullivan


Sorry about the poor image quality, I took it from my iSight.

- Scott Sullivan

Hi Scott,

I bet this is the same typeface that we failed to identify in this thread.

This time I had to dig deeper!
Voilà: The masthead on the AnOther Magazine website states that all its font design is by Alias ([[Gareth Hague]] and [[David James]]). This typeface isn’t listed on their site, so I’m afraid it is custom.
You’ll find a few alternatives in the older thread. Also in this vein: Nicola by [[Critzla]]. None of them is really close, though.

Thank you!!

- Scott Sullivan