Font used for Kiss "Dressed To Kill" title

does anyone know what font was used for the cover of “Dressed To Kill” by Kiss. I am looking specifically for the font the words “Dressed To Kill” were written in. Thank you!

Sean O’Donnell


Do you have a sample?

Here’s a closer view of the title as seen on the album. If this is the one you want, it looks kind of like collegiate-style, though none I can find has the angled S like that. It’s certainly pre-digital — maybe something that never made it to digital status? I’m sure Mark would know if no one else can id it.


Looks vaguely familiar (don’t they all?), but doesn’t ring any bells with me. Sorry.

It’s like ITC Machine, but with serifs.

We’ve built a nice little resource for “college” style
typefaces in a previous thread, but I can’t find it right now.

THX Stewf! :-)

Those obliques S….
Don’t you think that maybe it’s a custom job.
If I had to design a cover for a group called kiSS, and in the title of the record I had again those SS, probably at least, I would give it a thought, something to play with, I don’t know … I’m just guessing … or alucinando?

Found a sample but the type is waaaaaay too small. :-( Anyone?

Found a sample but the type is waaaaaay too small. :-( Anyone?

I will try to scan it in and post it tomorrow. I found a lot of photos of it but the type is too small and it’s an outline font. Thank you for your help!

Does it look like this on the album?

Is this from your private collection, Mike?

Uhh … no. I personally never had the slightest taste for heavy metal — even in its heyday when I was the right age for it.

No, somebody is selling this on e-bay, Patricia. If you hurry, you might be able to grab it!

I’m on it!

kiss is too glam to be heavy metal. i’d lump them together with poison. :^P