"Bravefont" spoof movie trailer for Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2

Spot the mistake. If you can't find it, read my entry on The FontFeed. ;^)


i got it!!! proud of myself!!

I didn't. Hmmm..

- Mike Yanega

And may I mention that an all-caps blackletter word is downright ugly?

I'm sorry, but I really don't think that this video is very good. I've loved every type clip so far… Cooper Black, both Trajan things, the Font-Dating website, the superb Font Conference… this just doesn't hold up :( I find it neither funny nor clever. Maybe it is made for total non-type geeks, but so was Font Conference, and that had me in stitches…

> I’m sorry, but I really don’t think that this video is very good.

As you can read in my review I share your opinion. ;^)

Sorry, I got carried away by my distaste, and didn't click on the link to your review, just on the video itself. Oh well, I found your review, thanks to your reminder. Well said.

The mistake is the same that SNL writers make...it's twice as long as the joke is.

Actually I'm convinced they could've gotten away with the dodgy production qualities if the storyline had been stronger.

Pfah, Jim Kidwell removed my comment on his blog. Pussy...

Oy, I can call somebody a wuss, but not a pu$$y! :^D It's been a while since I've seen the automated Typophile censor thingamagog in action. :^P

Now if only someone would point out the fact, that Extensis ignores the small group of PC-based designers, perhaps I can get an upgrade to Suitcase for Windows too.

Yves said "Pfah, Jim Kidwell removed my comment on his blog. ****..."

Actually, your comment got caught by the Wordpress spam filter. This was just what happened to my original comment back on your FontFeed blog. I merely posted again without the URL.

Thanks to all who spotted the rendering error - you've got good eyes! We've updated the trailer on our site to the final version: http://www.suitcasefusion2.com/preview.html

Oh! Ack! I was convinced I saw it appear in the comments list and then it disappeared afterwards. Sorry!