Handwritten script type ID

[[http://www.waterfordestateslodge.com/images/news/Hannah_Logo.jpg|Awareness & Compassion]]

Any insight?

And while you're at it, where's that ampersand from? Thanks a bunch.


Thanks, looks like they put a stroke on it.

You’re welcome.
And [[http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/singles/red_rooster/casablanca_medium_cond...|Casablanca]] for ‘HANNAH FRIENDS’ and [[http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/linotype/palatino_complete_vp/?s...|Palatino]] for the ampersand between ‘HANNAH’ and ‘FRIENDS’.

Yep, What the Font gave my Casablanca. Couldn't figure out the other two though. Appreciate it.