Suggestions for Cute Font.

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I apologize before hand if this isn't the right place for this question. I was asked by a friend to design a logo for his girlfriend's handmade jewelry company. The logo needs to reflect femininity, luxury and taste. But I also want it to have a slight whimsy to it as these are handmade pieces. I'm looking for a delicate, airy typeface (possibly a hand drawn style). I have a sample below.

If anyone can suggest any typefaces or move this topic to the correct board, I would be most grateful.

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Try Memimas as a quite similar substitute.

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Another choice, [Bad link].

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Well, I think that my influences are towards Art Nouveau and Art Deco as a symbol of Feminity and taste. However, it would quite interesting to know a bit more about the area where she is going to open this jewellery, the type of customers and jewellery that she is thinking to sell. This is just an observation.

When is your deadline?

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I know it's not exactly "modern" but depending on the type of jewelry it might be the just what you are looking for...

[Bad link].

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The sample you show does not convey "luxury and taste".
Try this:
Or maybe something by Jill Bell.


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