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The Font Bureau, Inc. announces the retail release of
Amira, an original sanserif family by Cyrus Highsmith.

Amira was a personal challenge for Highsmith who had
never attempted a calligraphic sanserif. Amidst the
many low contrast monoline sans that have been
dominating recently, Amira's personality is refreshing.

Amira flexes and bends in such ways that publication
designers Roger Black and Christian Schwartz believed
it the only choice for Natural Health's recent redesign.
The magazine's new streamlined layout required an active
typeface that would work both in headlines as well as
in text. The sans family is built around the tension
between gothic and calligraphic forms, resulting in what
Schwartz calls "The best thing Cyrus has ever drawn.
Organic but controlled. Very subtle." Black says,
"It's the new Lydian!". The Type Directors Club recently
awarded Amira a Judge's Choice Certificate of
Typographic Excellence.

For more information or to request a press kit,
please email or call Harry Parker
or Robb Ogle at 617 423 8770.

Best Regards,

Harry, Samantha & Robb
The Font Bureau, Inc.
326 A St., Suite #6C
Boston, MA 02210

617 423 8770 (voice)
617 423 8771 (fax)

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