KLTF Glyph Transformer

Where does one get 'KLTF Glyph Transformer' from?
Is it for Windows Xp or Mac and with which version of FontLab does it work with?


It's here. (Scroll down a bit and click "KLTF Transformer" to download. Requires FLS 5.0.2 Mac/Win.)

Also have a look at Christian Robertson's "Interpolated Nudge" here. I know people who use both side by side.

I know people who use both side by side.

Damned right we do…

Thanks a lot Karsten Lucke. Could you please tell me how does one starts running the Glyph Transformer from within FontLab 5.02 after instaling it. I tried in vain to find out and did not succeed.

After installing, the first thing to do is assigning keyboard shortcuts to each of the three scripts, this is described on page 1 of the PDF (which is also in the zip'ed folder). In brief: For each of the scripts, first select the script, and then click the shortcut icon and select one of the shortcut places from the shortcut pulldown menu. In future, you'd access scripts only by shortcut. Use of the scripts takes three steps:
(1) Select all nodes that should stay where they are. Then click shortcut assigned to "Select Fixed Nodes".
(2) Select all nodes (like the other pole) that you want to move. Then click shortcut assigned to "Move Nodes".
(3) In the dialog which pops up, use arrow keys to adjust the nodes you selected as "Move Nodes".
Everything inbetween the "fixed nodes" and "move nodes" will be interpolated.
There are a few examples with screenshots for this in the PDF. I think the screenshots tell more than my description here.

This is the same as FLS's function "Contour / Interpolate Nodes ...". There however you need to drag/drop each node individually, while Transformer allows to adjust more than one node at the same time.

(I have some ideas for more automatic bolding/lightening from a single master, but don't have the time to do this in the near future.)

Thanks a lot I will try it out.