new in typography

hello! since last year im designing a text typography with the help from a typographer of my University. Now i went a few days ago to the streets to search ideas and i found one lettering from a paint car shop. there wasnt the all alphabeth but i try to design it completely and this was my result.(i think its like a modular system)
Matias Nahrwold



Good start, I have not yet created a font. However I will soon! Nice to see some traditional work before it becomes digitalized.

Nice drawings!
If you do get stuck on certain characters, try using a paint brush to draw. This will allow a natural flow of the strokes. The rounded terminals are a dead-give-away to this style of type.
I also noticed that your numbers, or figures, are looking very blocky. The numbers in your reference photo fit better with the typeface. Try drawing the numbers with a similar stroke contrast to the lower case letters so that all the characters will harmonize with the design.

Keep up the good work!