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InDesign: Sentence Case

Hello everyone.

I got this doubt in InDesign concerning table of content styles. I've created a paragraph style for all entries and I've created a TOC style as well. Everything is working correctly except for some entries that are in ALL CAPS (because they are in all caps in the catalog as well).

Now, is there anywhere in any style (TOC styles or paragraph styles) where I can set the case to "Sentence case"? Like I do now manually by going to Type - Change Case - Sentence Case.

The only options I see there for case are Normal, All Caps, Small Caps and OpenType All Small Caps. I really want to set the TOC to Sentece Case. But how?

Thanks in advance.
Pedro Peixoto

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Hi Pedro,

Just ran into this problem tonight. Here is the solution I found:

HOpe it helps.