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Hi everyone! My name is Ngoc, and as of this week I'm the newest member to the Typophile/Punchcut team. I'm really excited about working here and just as excited about posting to the Typophile blog. I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone interesting typography, graphic imagery, and stories I'll come across on the internet or around San Francisco. There's plenty of great work and ideas to be shared, and I think the Typophile community is a great place to do it.


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Congratulations and good luck! I'll be looking forward to your contributions.

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BTW, Ngoc is one of my favorite beers. :-)


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Hey Ngoc, I heard you would be joining us! Great news! I hope to see you next week when I'll be in town.

Congratulations, and greetings from the Transatlantic Crew. ;^)

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Thanks everyone!

Yves, I'll see you next week!

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