Quicksand, a free sans serif typeface

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Hi everyone, I have just released my first typeface project for free. Not as good as most of the stuff in here but I'm hoping that you'll find it useful in some way.

You can grab a copy of it here: Quicksand

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Thank you friend!

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Nice, clean face. Thanks.

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Glad you like it. Cheers..

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Very nice. I like the R. Thanks!

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Nice typeface. Tip: space the typeface well before kerning. The spacing is very, very bad.


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Thanks for the advice I'll keep that in mind on my next project. It's my first type design so should I say expect the worse? =)

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What a lovely family! Thank you for sharing it.

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Thanks for the free font.

Do you plan to add support for Cyrillic ?

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Very nice. Thanks!

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Thank you for that, nice font but there's nothing new in it, the design is very close to many other existing fonts :/

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Very nice design for you first typeface!
Only, as Pieter said, the spacing is bad.

Keep up the good work! :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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"the design is very close to many other existing fonts :/"

"The spacing is very, very bad."

You obviously made a mistake - you should be selling the font, not giving it away ;-)

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Looks like an elegant face. Just a heads up that your site is currently down. I look forward to trying it out, though.


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Thanks for the font!

I like the wider spacing.

Thanks again..

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very bad,

why not do you tell everybody to know what's font you'v modified from.

i think is better than do like this.

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What are you talking about? This typeface was made from scratch and not a modified font. I can even show you the process of how I created all of the glyphs in Illu before exporting them in FL.

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> DekThai

If you know similar font, please show this font for us.

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> why not do you tell everybody to know what’s font you’v modified from.

Oh, that's not nice :(

Andrew, this is nicely executed. I also like the wide tracking. Thank you for sharing :)

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I like it! You’ve done a good job!

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ok, this is a first type i don't need say anymore.

and i have something to say,

"do not take any part from others font"

i wish you success.

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just snatched it!

Must say, it's a lot better than many professional (expensive!) fonts.
Big thanks.

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thanks for this might come in handy

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nice thankssssss :D

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Now there is absolutely no excuse to use Arial Rounded. Nicely done.

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Thanks so much!

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I love this font. Thanks.

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Lovely. Nice. Clean.

Best regards.

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looks like the characters consist out off single line, no contrast at all, well done!

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Just become a member, many thanks for the fonts always searching for new ones


Graeme Foster

tel: 01296 670933
mobile: 07768 097 881

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Looks great. I'd love to download but the link is giving me an error about hosting being suspended?

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Seems that Andrews hosting account is suspended. But Quicksand is still online at FONTSQUIRREL


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Once again thanks comrade, this is a good example
of a good free font for those who think otherwise
about free fonts.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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Beautiful font. I'd like to use it for a commercial project. I tried to find its license and on FontSquirrel it says it has none. Usually the fonts there are for commercial use.

So, could I use it? If yes, thank you, if no, how/where can I buy it? :)


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Hi Kenny,

Feel free to use it commercially as it is license free.


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Could you include a Euro-sign at least?
The lack of it limits the usage of the otherwise cool fonts somewhat, here in "Old Europe".

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Thanks for the font! I used it for my little PDF Magazine. :D

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Hi there,
Quicksand is a great font, I use it for my master thesis! But I have a question concerning the special characters. I use M$ Word 2007 and the strange thing is that the percent character won't show up in the dokument. The place where the % should be is simply blank. Has anybody got an idea why this happens? Also, if I put in the percent character Word tends to replace the font with Times New Roman, as if this specific character was missing in Quicksand. Pretty strange I'd say...Suggestions anyone? Thanks, Tom

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Thank you very much for this font.
I think it's the best font ever made.
From the previous post I found it can be used in commercial projects.
I am using it In my Flash CMS as an embedded font in Droower Flash CMS and I add a comment about it Quicksand comment.
As I noticed that link http://www.andrewpaglinawan.com/ is broken I link resource I found it.

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Moderators? That last comment smells like spam to me. (Feel free to delete this.)

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I was looking for a typeface to use in a logo I'm designing and I totally forgot I installed this! It's super clean. All this talk from DekThai without any actual proof is annoying...
best regards,

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eata genia me encanta, es como medio retro, súper muchas gracias y FELICIDADES por tu excelente trabajo

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i'm in love with this typeface but i couldn't get the copy :(


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Thanks, I like it a lot. It's what attracted me to join this site, which Im now grateful that I have. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I live in hope.

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Thank you. It´s very nice and clean :)

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This is great. Thank you so much.

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It's really nice, I'm just sad that the å ä ö are missing from the Dash variant.

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the lower case w seems a little out of place, and the spacing needs work but otherwise a great first attempt, thanks :)

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