Quicksand, a free sans serif typeface

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Hi everyone, I have just released my first typeface project for free. Not as good as most of the stuff in here but I'm hoping that you'll find it useful in some way.

You can grab a copy of it here: Quicksand

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salamat andrew!

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lovely, thanks!

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Nice font _/\_

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I think it's great, actually. The only thing I could comment on is that the letter spacing seems like it could use a tiny bit of adjusting. However, for use in things like CSS embedding, that could be done with a fair bit of ease. Furthermore, the wider on the bold font seems perfect for headers/titles.

I suggest you distribute a license with it, so it's a little less vague in terms of what you're allowed to do. Although, I'm always biased to recommend the WTFPL.

Awesome, great win!

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Snatched it a few days ago. Very nice. I love the spacing and how elegant it looks even in the *thin* weight. :)

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Wow. Crazy generous, man. Thank you. Nice work.

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Really nice work, thank you. I am not sure if I could have used this on a Galashiels Guest House, although I ended up using Century Gothic instead. I was unsure of the licensing terms for this font.

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Thanks! Very generous of you.


FontGear Inc.

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Spotless work! Thank you very much.


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You might want to learn about optical compensation at stroke joins, particularly when curves meet rounds.



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Beautiful! Love the Q. Thank you.

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Great font! Just wondering is a squared end version might be available some time. Hehehe.

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Nice shapes.

One rule I like to follow when I space letters:

The space within the letters is equal to the space* outside the letters (*That space is limited to the x-height.... you should ignore all stems while spacing)

It heard that at my school, and I've been using it ever since.

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lovely, thank you♥

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lovely, thank you!

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Beautiful work, Andrew. Thanks so much for sharing.

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So nice font

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I like this font!

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Elegant, beautiful, and so very kind of you!

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how about this font download? T^T

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Yes, I tried to grab it just now and I got a HostGator 404 page (not even a custom 404 page).

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Very cooooool face. Thanks!

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Thank you, muchly appreciated!

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Great font. Thank you!

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Gracias! Saudos a todos desde México, D.F.

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Hi all, I have an update for this coming soon which includes fine tuning of the glyphs, spacing, kerning and an addition to the family.

Stay tuned!

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thank you! Great font.

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Terrific job for your first typeface design! I just downloaded it and if I use it in any Graphic Design work I will send you samples of it in use.

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Very nice! Thanks!

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Thx.. Nice!

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Thanks. This is a sweet font.

BTW, it crashes Font Expert ( http://www.canadiancontent.net/tech/download/FontExpert_2007.html ) for some reason.


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You're fantastic for giving this font away for free. Bravo!!!

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I hope people using it grab the update. The spacing in the version currently up on FontSquirrel makes it pretty much unusable, IMO.

Of course, I may be more picky than the average graphic designer. :)


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thank you!

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Is the updated version (with the spacing improvement) available yet?

Really like this font.

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@Superjack - it's in the first post in this thread. Just click on the link to Quicksand

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Thanks for sharing it :)

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Of course, I may be more picky than the average graphic designer. :)

Well, Thomas: the hat says it all, doesn’t it?

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Hi Andrew,
Is this font really free to use for commercial. Can we use it to logo presentation in logo contest?
And if we win the logo contest, do we have to pay the font? Because 100 % logo creation include the font given to the contest holder.
Do the buyer (CH) need to pay you after take your font use it?

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