Type in S, M, L, XL

Need help ID'ing or confirming all these...

(My guesses... Akzidenz, Bell gothic, Times, Akzidenz?)


- "Worth a Detour" should be AG light, but the "a" in light and regular in digital AG is different, the medium weight "a" shares the form of your scan …
- "Renovation of Hotel Furka …", should be Akzidenz Grotesk (bold?)

2. Bell Gothic (black)

1 & 4 might be Venus?

"Worth a.." in picture 1 is Monotype News Gothic
Picture 2 is Bell Gothic
"Renovation of.." in picture 1 and "Dear Diary" in picture 4 is Monotype Grotesque
Picture 3 is Times

>“Renovation of..” in picture 1 and “Dear Diary” in picture 4 is Monotype Grotesque

Good eye Toby, i was wrong with AG!