Logo for swanky Laguna Beach seafood bar and grill...

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Logo for swanky Laguna Beach seafood bar and grill...

Any constructive criticism for this logo would be much appreciated.

This logo is for a restaurant that will be opening early next year in Laguna Beach, CA. The name is WaterMarc--it will be contemporary take on a seafood bar and grill.

The concept for the logo is that the "W" throws a shadow of a three-tined cocktail fork on the plate. I tried doing the W first and then the fork, but it didn't look right, so I drew the fork's shadow the way I wanted it to look first, then custom drew the "W" to kind of match it. I am a self-taught designer and have never tried to draw my own letters before, so I'm looking to this venerable community to help me out!

Thank you, and peace.

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The fork being a "W" is brilliant, but don't show the fork itself, just the shadow. You'd make the "W" of the shadow upright (with the stem bending over the plate's contours*) and that's that. Very classy. They could raise their prices just based on that logo! ;-)

* Maybe use a slightly more contoured plate.

BTW, interesting name they chose. Is the interior decoration going to involve watermarked coarse ecru wallpaper? Then I would go.


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A drop shadow? Really? I don't know, man, this is pretty weak.

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This design captures the essence of what makes for a good logo--once seen always remembered. I disagree with hrant; I would leave the graphic exactly as is. If anything, I would think about softening the "W" a tad. It's a bit on the stark contrast side.

Do you mean to use the text beneath? Don't! Find a way to work that "W" into the text as well, and you have a double-good design. But, just to stress: don't let that graphic anywhere in public with that text!

Curt Akin

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Yea, wonderful logo graphic! I love the fork. I'm not so sure I'm feeling the plate though. Have you tried it without the plate? It just seems like stock photography, feels a little amateurish, which doesn't do your graphic justice. Yea, I don't think you need the plate.

As for the text, too much. And it's sloppy, people are going to be eating there, if you are looking for class, stick with a font that would compliment your "W" I mean, why aren't you using that same typeface? so there's a connection with the two W's. It possibly will not work well, but it's worth looking at.

But great idea! I'd love to see it when you're finished.