The Baskerville Project

The Baskerville Project is searching high and low, near and far, crossing oceans around the globe and surfing the information superhighway, for beautiful examples of John Baskerville's most elegant and sublime typeface.

From your local street sign, to your favorite body copy set in Baskerville, we are looking for exciting and captivating images of Baskerville, to include in the closing scenes of the short animated film: Baskerville.

Join the hunt for Baskerville and post your contributions to our Baskerville Project Flickr group:

Alternatively you can email your high resolution photos to us here at

If you are looking for some pointers in how to identify John Baskerville's timeless typeface, visit our introductory guide:




I know where the largest Baskerville glyph on the planet is. And I even
have a photo. Do I get a chocolate cupcake? Coz if not, I'm not playin'.


Let us know where you're at and I'm sure our creative director will endeavour to get a chocolate cup cake to you. Also the best images will go into the film itself!

I'm in LA, but please feed the cupcake to
a deserving Brit instead. I'm sure you can
find one. ;-)

I'll send you the photo (you might need a higher-quality one, which we can talk about) and I'll try to get permission to pass along a jaw-dropping hi-res macro of an original punch (it's the "G") for your use as well. Also, I have [my own] decent macro shots of the Monotype and ATF cuts (text sizes). In case it matters, how are the rights to such submissions considered?

BTW, this
of course is not a Baskerville; it's a De Vinne.

One other thing - the official logo of Canada is in a Fry's cut:

Which makes me add: you might want to distinguish between the two versions in your project (especially in the "identification help" part) since they're so different.

Oh, one last thing: would you like JB's family tree, going back about 5 generations?


I'll pass this info onto the creative director and get him to contact you regarding your questions, it sounds like you have some very interesting information.

Cool. My email: hpapazian at gmail dot com

BTW, I got permission to hand over the punch photo.
Here's a reduced version:

Oh, and you've heard of single-story "g"s and
two-story "g"s, but here's a three-story one!

600dpi version available.