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Typographic Curb Appeal

While walking home the other day I spotted this on the front-side of a new apartment building. I thought the typographic treatment was very unique, and I liked the way the letters flowed in and out of the surface.

If you've seen type used in interesting ways where you live, please share them here.


Very cool. Thanks for posting this. Do you know the whole text?


thanks for the post!

it is dreamy.


Thanks for this.

What a simple, brilliant idea. What material is that?


hear is my latest find

: salon fog

@cirulis: That's a great find, too! Raising the letters is a nice touch. The best drop-shadow is a real shadow! Thanks for sharing.

The first example is very nice. Really well executed.

Ngoc, this is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Does anybody want to ID the font?

If you’ve seen type used in interesting ways where you live, please share them here.

No, sorry. There isn't any of that here in Oz. Type used in interesting ways virtually does not exist in Australia. Certainly there is fack all of it in Melbourne and Sydney.

I think it's worth me pointing this out. You could drop a bomb on every major city in Australia, and the damage bill for unique and interesting type treatments would come to $6.

j a m e s

It looks like a Garamond. Maybe MT?

That is really cool, especially for an apartment complex.

All the places around where I live have really similar utopian names, and 12 different typefaces on their billboards.