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hello mr and mrs typophile

i show my new typographic proyect.
Curico is the city i was born. Maybe you can hear about Curico for the cyclists. All the "curicanos" are cyclists and the bests riders of Chile are "curicanos".
I am not whe exception and i want to show you my first "cycling font".
Curico is thinked to work with chucara text (see http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/29/16859.html?1072247686 ), and also have a similar sense of humor.
if yoy have a comment or a critique, please say me.


ace bryc arrollo en la vuelta a chile

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here is a pdf, for see details.

maybe the contrasts cant work right.
i still not do print tests


acebryc.pdf (7.8 k)

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Looks nice, it reminds me of Spiekermann's types.
I'd just say that the dot on i and j is a bit heavy, and
the k needs some work.

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> it reminds me of Spiekermann's types

Agreed, but that "a" is certainly very French.

I think the "e" should have a thicker bar, and the "k" looks cramped. Otherwise pretty nice!


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Also agreed with the above...
Very nice!
The horizontals seems a little to bold. More thick/thin contrast will help. Look a the s I guess you should use this hoizontal width.

Pictures can say more than my bad english...

Guess the 'e' is to thick. The 'n': I tryed to explain this, the 's' looks better it more thiner in the upper...

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very thanks Jens Weigel, but i dont know if it is recomendable adjust the points in the screen, i hope soon i will have the time to end the lowercase, and do the first tests in the laser printer.

Many theorics can recommend optical adjusts, but i think to see the print over the paper is the correct way.
i not saying tou have not the reason, i say the real test will say how much i

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Dear Juan

yes your are right! The adjustment I did was a quick and dirty adjustment. My english isent very good so better I show it what i mean.

Of course on print it looks different. Maybe you could post a printable PDF (White background, some different textsize)

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