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I actually did this over a year ago, but haven't bothered to put it online for critique... until now.
I took the inspiration for this project from the word bitmap itself. The idea behind it is to create a dingbatfont with all varieties of intersecting roads in angles of 45° to enable the user to create actual 'bitmaps'. Think of it as Lego for typophiles ;-)
In addition, I also made another dingbatfont with pictograms you often find on maps (buildings, vehicles, vegetation,...) along with some other commonly used pictograms (communication, transport, office,...).
Ofcourse I felt obliged to make an actual font to go with it of which I have done several varieties. By now, I'm actually not too happy with the script & flip version, but I'll include them anyway.
I'll also include 2 examples; the first of a 'bitmap' I made of my hometown & the 2nd of several illustrations I made with the bitmapfont for a personal pixelfont project called 'Dressed in Letter'.
The grid for the bitmap font was 7x7 pixels (which obviously might make some of the dingbats a little hard to recognise; for those of you who are wondering, the dingbat next to the penguin in the first row is a superhero ;-) ), but I might make a bigger version in the future.
This was a lot of fun to do; both the fonts & the illustrations & I hope you'll all enjoy it just as much as I did!