Three Cups of Tea

The p and the a are really distinctive on the title face. I'm looking for both the title and the subtitle.



Subtitles are Incognito.

With caps from Incognito Oriens.

With caps from Incognito Oriens seems to be merely an excuse for linking to fontshop ;-)

Haha, that's what I thought when I saw Stephen's post, too, Jan.

Thanks for the help, guys. Any guesses on the title, though?

Ouch, Jan. I mentioned Oriens because you identified only the "subtitles". Thought you might have missed the other fonts.

DrDoc - The title is also in Incognito as you can see in my link.

Ahh, and the lowercase from the title is from Requiem.

Requiem! How did I miss that? Thanks, Stephen!