Quicksand Slab Serif

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I'm currently working on a slab serif based on my previous typeface Quicksand. I have two version at the moment, a rounded one which quite look like a typewriter font and the typical slab serif approach. As always, crits & suggestions appreciated.

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The hook on the j is a bit too short and abrupt for my tastes, but that's what they are. Very good looking and solid overall. It strongly resembles Lubalin Graph, as any geometric slab-serif is likely to, but I think you noticed that too and included features to differentiate this. Am I right?

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This is really neat. I prefer the roundy version.
To my eyes, the F, J and W are too wide, the y has too many serifs (compare to the g or u), and the serifs on the V need to be pulled in closer.
Hope that's helpful! :)

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Maybe pull down the top end of the C, c, and G more, and/or shorten its serif?

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