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So this is Vexation, a display face I'm working on based off black-letter forms with a strict geometric system. Its got some issues so any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and it is still a work in progress so rip it to shreds if you want to.

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This is very cool, almost art decoish perhaps? I like some of the letters a lot more than others - A, B, K, M, N, X are my favorites. A couple of thoughts, probably ill informed and unhelpful — I think there may be too many geometric elements. Some of the letters are a clunky (S), and others seem not to fit in. For instance, B, P, and R all have somewhat different bowls. I actually really like the R and I suppose one shape wouldn't work for all three letters, but currently the P feels quite foreign. (I'm not sure about the diamond on the P either) Just a few random notes - G is the only letter without any ornamental thin lines, some curves taper to hairlines and others to more substantial intersections, and the Y is odd to my eye. Maybe structure it along the lines of the H? The numerals feel more Didone than blackletter but I imagine it is difficult to avoid. This seems like quite a tricky concept but for the most part it looks really good. Unfortunately I am not cleverer enough to actually be helpful when it comes to the rough edges. Sorry.

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It has some great potential, but it's very inconsistent in its weight. The O and Q for example are too heavy, and the S and X too light. The A sticks out with its top, which is probably bad, and the H and K have to extension at the top which makes them look too restricted. The 1 is also very heavy, while the other numbers aren't as heavy. I wonder why you chose for a high contrast in line weight for the numbers, while you didn't do the same with the letters.

So again, very inconsistent and at this point unusable, however there's some potential. A, C, I, V and W each viewed individually look quite good.

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