TypeTrust presents "Cooter Deuce" by Silas Dilworth

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TypeTrust presents "Cooter Deuce" by Silas Dilworth

Oops... I did it again.

I've given my pop hit [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooter|Cooter]] the star treatment. Give it up for [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooterdeuce|Cooter Deuce]].

Where the original [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooter|Cooter]] offers a grab-bag of solid and counterpunched letterforms, [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooterdeuce|Cooter Deuce]] has been split in two. The Regular style is endowed with a full set of counterpunched forms while the Plugged has its bowls and most of its counters filled or reduced for a heavier impression.

Compared to its predecessor, [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooterdeuce|Cooter Deuce]] has been drawn with more consistently square proportions, and a handful of glyphs have been entirely redesigned. Taking advantage of the Opentype format, it has even been fleshed out with a bevy of alternate glyphs, dingbats, and nifty decorative ligatures.

[[http://www.typetrust.com/fonts/specimen_pdfs/TypeTrust-CooterDeuce.pdf|Here's a Cooter Deuce PDF.]]

If you've purchased the original [[http://typetrust.com/font/cooter|Cooter]] at [[http://typetrust.com|TypeTrust.com]], there's a free upgrade available for download via the Order History pages of your TypeTrust Account. Some linework and kern pairs have been adjusted.