Old "Oregon" type?

Can someone please identify this typeface for me? I'm having a hard time finding anything similar that doesn't have a spur on the 'G.' Thanks.


It's not an exact match, but Placard has a similar spurless G:


I think your guess about pre-digital was the right track -- there is a Photo-Lettering typeface called Gillies Modern Gothic Condensed that I think has very similar earmarks to this lettering. The fact is that there were hundreds of variations of these "Parallel Gothics" in their catalog means that it could easily have come from a source like that.

- Mike Yanega

That looks like one of Filmotype's G-series, probably Ginger Gothic. The only digital equivalent I'm aware of is QBF's Hombre.

There's a digital Ginger at http://Font Bros.

Hey, thanks for the heads up on that Filmotype release, Craig.

You're welcome. There's also a bit more about it at typophile Mark Simonson's site here.

Thanks everyone. Looks like Mike F's Hombre is my best choice.

I wish I'd seen this earlier, but no, Jimmy, Hombre would NOT be your best bet. Mark Simonson's Ginger is both better made and cheaper.