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(x) Bauhaus Font of 1929 - various {Stephen}

Here is a very interesting and stylish font from the cover of the Bauhaus quarterly magazine. Scan from Typography/Basic Principles by John Lewis, published in 1966. This is the only book on typography I have in the house, as I am a poor student. Sniff. Still, some of the typographic ideas are stimulating, and this font inspired my font Feynman Regular.
Matthew Brown


too help, the creator is joost schmidt
Matthew Brown


Here are some of the digital interpretations of
Schmidt’s design that I’m aware of…

The beautiful people at Type-Ø-Tones did the most
authentic Joostian alphabet I’ve run across. There’s
a bit of history at that page too.

Jocelyn by Johannes Birkenbach is a another take
on the look.

Those zany lowercase ‘a’s can be found in much
of Finnish designer Tomi Haaparanta’s work.
See Tantalus and Target, both at T-26.

And here are some other wild variations, mostly
based on the Type-Ø-Tones’ Joost forms…

Gemini and Tiajuana by Ben Balvanz of Font-a-licious

FF Marten by Martin Wenzel

Gaffe by Rodney Fehsenfeld. (I’m not sure if this is
available from GarageFonts anymore. Many of
Fehsenfeld’s fonts are gone from their site. This link
is from a Google search which led to an old page at
Phil’s Fonts.)

Leger by Bill Dawson


Thanks a lot… I notice none of these fonts mimic the style entirely. Since no proper version seems to exist, would it be alright to make a modern version? or are there copyright laws to stop this happening? (of course, I would attribute the font to joost).
Matthew Brown