How do you make nodes first in a Fontlab MM?

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I am sure this has been asked and answered before - - but - - - HOW ? ? ?

I have the simplest of characters - - a broken bar - - it is the only glyph in the font that is causing me trouble. In one of the masters, the start point is different. How do I correct it? 'Make node first' doesn't seem to work. In the one troublesome master, the starting node is at 5/8 [2] instead of 1/8 [1]. The bar is two elements of four points each - - simple as possible.

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Manually? That'd be "Contour -> Paths -> Set Startpoints" (or Ctrl+Alt+T on Win) if memory serves. Otherwise you could run the AFDKO "Fix Start Points" macro in FLab, no?


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The problem is that there are two elements (the two bars of the broken bar glyph) and in three masters, the top bar is denominated as first, while in the fourth, the bottom bar is denominated as first. OK, finally found it: Tools/MM/Match Master.

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By contrast, in Fog, if you have two elements and simply cut and paste one of them, it is automatically no. 2 of the two elements. It would be nice to have a more explicit way of controlling these things in Fontlab, and of course, we need the ability to edit individual masters with more control than we have now. Something like a switch that would just turn all the forced conformity off. Tant pis, if it results in incompatible masters for some users. Nobody will be using it who doesn't know what he or she is going.

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The FLS interface, so simple, even a caveman could do it :-)


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