Hebrew font

I’m look ing for a “hebrew” looking font that is NOT faux hebrew. I once had a few before I lost all my fonts.hebrewhebrew


do u have for mac computers

Perhaps the font described above is the DS Sholom font shown on this site: http://refont.com/show.php?get=1&font=theme_206_2

One of your images didn’t show up. I’m assuming the one that did show up is what you would call “faux Hebrew” and is not what you’re looking for?

it was called shalom

Thanks Dave.

Dan Solo of Solotype had a font called Shalom. It exists in some poorly-digitized versions on the web, but he did a digitization himself before he closed up shop a few years ago. I’m not sure how widely available his version is.shalom

correct. But that “look”

I’m not sure I understand the difference. Could you be more specific, please?

I need to find a font that looks like faux hebrew,

Its the same font. I’m looking for something similar to Faux Hebrew (same style)

What is it about this font that’s not what you want?

I have this one. But there is another one that is similar that I need. I used to have it but I don’t know the name and I can’t find it.

Sorry, samiam, looks like I can’t help you.