Rally Symbols

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Recently, many done for the rally,
and decently as icons and rally signs have not seen anywhere else.
It decided to make a special character font.
And now decided to share it with all

font contains the following:
1. Standard signs of control in rally
2. The icons that have helped create in the infographics, schemes rally routes
3. Blanks for the design of logos and other graphics
4. Symbols for signs Legends (transcript)
5. Other symbols and marks

Font is Free, you can download here:

Rally_Symbols-2.gif42.87 KB
Rally_Symbols-3.gif36.61 KB
Rally_Symbols-4.gif47.97 KB
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Download link is not working for me...

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Try link to dafont -- a simple straightforward google brought me there.

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Hello, Excelent work and very helpfull. Could you include to this simbols the ones that are used in Rally Raids?



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Hello cholguinz
Glad that you need it.
Thank you for additional information.
I need it in English.
I will make a font, but not free.

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Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for the free font. My husband and I are about to start rally driving, and I'm the navigator, so these will be pretty helpful. Thanks again!

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Gaby C,
I'm glad that you want this font.
I would appreciate if you tell the other racers.
Maybe they also buy yourself this font :)

I expanded the set of icons.

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