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Archura: arched textura.

I started off the design of my first typeface with a post to Typophile (, and so I thought I would submit the final design as well. Archura is the result of my typeface design class with Cyrus Highsmith at the Rhode Island School of Design.

archura-specimen.pdf (675.5 k)

The most controversial aspect so far has been the spacing. This PDF shows a ±15 tracking variation.

archura-spacing.pdf (638.4 k)

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and for being part of my project. Typophile has been a terrific resource.

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First of all, this is a display face. The one readability advantage that blackletter has (structural divergence) you've done away with - "romanized" it most certainly is*, and that pushes it (even more) towards display usage. And then the super-tight spacing** reinforces that even more. But as a display face I think it's worthwhile, with a definite "brush" character. Perfect for a German deli!

* BTW, when you say that in text it looks like a "cold romanized textura", while in display its rationalization brings warmth, it seems to me that it would be the opposite, since it's in smaller sizes that things get fuzzy and more open to organic interpretation, especially when it comes to texture.

** It's so tight that it's causing some intractable problems, like in "ft". BTW, even the +15 setting is too tight I think.


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What about some additional variation in the caps. More different widths maybe. Or altered strokes. The X seems like a great candidate. When you have all caps they go utterly grey. The lowercase does not - it is suprisingly readable!

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