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hand-rendered type

Hi everyone.
As my research project for hons, I am creating a hand-rendered typeface. Designed for use with the works of illustrative nature, where a regular crisp type might clash with the work. The plan is to have some weights and an italic. This will of coarse not be ready for the moderation (which is next week) however if people are interested in this, I will implement all that as well as open type features, and alternatives for every glyph based on the frequency of it's use in English language. For now I have a regular and a bold lc. I'm finishing the bold UC right now, and after that I an type-setting a few specimen posters and compiling a book of the process work for moderation. As part of my research, I am also encouraged to post about my progress on the blog.

I would like to know what you all think, and when finished, would you consider using it. If there is enough interest, I will complete the typeface, and it will be available free from my website.

here's a link to my progress blog :