[x] Design Assembly - Georgia


Anyone know what Design Assembly italic body copy font is on their site?


For an extra two points can anyone explain how this is appearing as html text. I'm obviously a bit behind here. But I thought websites could only be set in the six or seven system fonts: Arial, Times, Verdana etc.

Would appreciate it if anyone could clear this up.



From one Marc to another:

This is Times Italic.

As to the rest of your query: I'm not a web designer, so I won't embarass myself by explaining the advances in web text. But search Typophile or the web in general for topics like CSS, Flash, SIFR and the @font_face tag to get an idea of the options available to pixel pushers these days.


It must be an alternative to the version of Times I have. There are slight differences. The lower case 'y' for one.


It isn’t Times. It’s Georgia - also a websafe font.

Cheers for that, much appreciated.


Jan, I'm quite sure it's Times, at least on my screen. :)

Ah, the beauty of web typography.


Hehe, marcox. On my screen (and on marc’s) it’s obviously Georgia. No Georgia installed?

Hmmm, apparently not.

I'm working on a new employer-supplied laptop that must never have had an older version of Office (and thus the traditional web safe fonts from MS -- Georgia, Verdana) installed.

CSS was used to format this text. Here's the line, copied from the source code of the discussed web page:

font-family:Georgia, Times New Roman, serif;

So your browser should select Georgia if you have it. If not, Times, etc.

By the way, I don't know of a way to check which font files your browser actually picked to generate the text. I think the only way is to judge by eye.