Type id needed - similar to Grouch

Hi, can anyone help identify what this typeface is? cheers!


Trooper Roman. I don't know that there is a legitimate digital version of this predigital font available. I DO know that Bill Troop recently released a font under the Canada Type label. I'm hopeful that the Trooper family will be digitized and released before long.

The old FontBank font Talon Bold is a version which appears to differ only in the stress of the 'O' and 'o', the latter being an alternate form in the version shown in the Phil's Photo book, as is the g and y of your sample. Mike's choice of the word 'legitimate' makes me hesitate, but I don't know that just because the name Trooper was avoided, that this might not have been a legal 'revival' of a non-digital typeface. For that matter, MyFonts is selling Toledo Bold, plus a number of other weights. These TypeShop fonts are from the Brendel Studio (a.k.a. Quick Brown Fox), if I am not mistaken, which has often been a source of re-named revivals of pre-digital designs. I would rather not say much about the 'legitimate' status of these, as it still is a gray area in my mind.

- Mike Yanega

Tom’s Roman is also similar.

Mike, there's an even closer digital version out there, but my hesitation comes with the appearance of Bill Troop on the digital font scene. It seems odd (and disappoints me) that his first effort would be a grunge font. Hopefully, copyright restrictions won't come in the way of Trooper being eventually offered by the classy, top notch Canada Type.

Yes, I'd be all for that, and I agree about Canada Type being a classy operation. Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari have been very generous in helping with fonts and samples for my Guides, and Patrick has always been very forthright about the origins of their designs.

- Mike Yanega

Mike - Where do you read that there's any connection between Bill Troop and Trooper Roman? As posted here, it was designed by Dave Trooper for VGC.

Ugh, I'm a dolt. Thanks for straightening that stupid mistake out, Stephen.

With that in mind, the other version I'm aware of is Paratype's Troover, which has, I believe, the desired o/O. Unfortunately, the Paratype website isn't functioning properly right now, so I can't link to a better showing.

The o/O in Talon, by the way, were alternates in the original Trooper Roman.