Researching by doing: contrast is nice

I've been working on my upright cursive sans, and have gotten some good feedback on my post on the Critique board.

This weekend I played around with FontLab's Interpolate tool and was struck by what some horizontal thickening using it did to my font. Before:


(This is rather unevenly applied - just a test to see what would happen.) I was struck by the appearance of the widened letters - rather handsome to my eyes. The dramatically increased contrast works well with the cursive-like loops and bumps, I think.

I'd like to pursue this further. One thing to ponder is whether this would make a suitable bold to the original, spaghettilike font, or if the differing "pen theories" (brought up in the Critique thread) would hinder their compatibility.

The other question is what to do with the caps - in the original they already are different in character from the lowercase. It remains an open question whether that will fly, but the introduction of contrast I think will exaggerate the caps/lc distinction to a point where the mismatch is really bothersome. I suppose I should try to work out some possibilities of caps that share some of the "cursivity" of the lowercase letters.