Logo type? Need feedback, thanks

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I made this display face out of a whim, but the patterns/shapes governing the typeface are very much restricting (such as f.alt + l lig which looks like an A). However, I quite liked the look of some glyphs, even though I couldn't find a solution for some (k, for instance). If this works out, I plan to include as many alternates as I could think of, as well as swashes, discretionary ligs, different weights, etc. I just need to make the base design solid.

Any comments, suggestions, guys? Feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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Descender's tail of lowercase q + h = k

Just a suggestion. Interesting, it reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on what. Keep going, it's looking pretty good.

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I've worked out some glyphs: completed the default lc, added pilcrows, added an experimental ampersand that looks too tall, and some alternates. It somehow looks like old school to me. (Untitled-2.pdf)

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Uploaded the new PDF file (Untitled-4.pdf) containing all the current glyphs. Right now, it's looking okay, but I fear that I might lose my focus when designing the rest of the uppercase. Take the F/F.alt and H/H.alt for example. I wasn't sure if the H.alt was good enough as the default one, so I made a clean H and then just made an alternate version. In my opinion, that's good, as the user can choose the glyph he/she desires. I'm just an amateur though, so I want to hear some feedback on this. :)

Any comment, suggestion, or criticism is most appreciated.


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Can you do an alt. version of the G with the leg of the k kicking off the front?

Also, push the straight leg of the R out further, it's very top heavy and needs better support... more along the lines of the R from Neutraface.

The S and s are quite different from each other... you might want to pick one style.

I think the lowercase f could have a descender, similar to Fedra Sans.

Still loving this, can't wait to see more.

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Thank you for your comments. The semester, unfortunately, has started, and thus I have a very reduced time for myself. I didn't abandon it, although I'm slow to work on it, as there are many extra subjects other than my major subjects in our university.

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Well honestly, I'm surprised I was the only one giving you feedback. Anyway, I'll keep checking back for updates, should you find some time to work on this. I think you have a fun font started here and will be interested to see how it develops.

Good luck with your studies.

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Nice type and I agree with you when you said you thought the typeface looked old school. It reminds me of the Art Nouveau period but modernized. I also love how the tails are sharp edged instead of the typical curve. Good work.

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Looks great! The only critique that I have is that some glyphs are not consistent with others. Some glyphs are completely sharp edged, while others are sharp edged and curved. I prefer the sharp edged and curved style. I think that if those glyphs are reworked to similarities of the rest, you would have a great typeface on your hands. Good job.

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