Remember Margaline?

Back in the early 90’s there was a free display face called Margaline. I used it extensive in high school then the disk I had of it became corrupt. Bummer!

It had a puffy sans inside of a tear drop. (exciting I know)

Do you know if it still exists somewhere.

There was another face that probably came from a 1000 fonts for $5.00 collection. Rattascat Swash- or something like that.

I’m feeling nostalgic for my formative years working with type.

Mikey :-)


???? Anyone ????

Can you post images? Scan the old stuff?

google found me this: - scroll to find Margaline

WOW! Thank you Simon! I have been looking for that for years. It was from Elsner and Flake before it was Elsner and Flake. Awww. Memorylane! (They removed the flame tho)

Mikey :-)

no worries... all typed into google was 'margaline font' and that was near the top.

i just have no idea what 'that' is... weird...


Rattascat Swash, I’m probably misspelling that :-) But Thanks Simon!