OS9 to OS10 fonts issue

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OS9 to OS10 fonts issue

We are ccurrently running systems with apple OS9 and also OS10.

when we have a artwork on Quark 4.11 in OS9, we now need to transfer up to OS10 and Quark 6. the problem is that the font is not displayed however it will print correctly.

we are using fonts and different european languages.

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before to just say: ” move Indesign CS instead of Xpress 6”

be more precise in your description?

Mean what by different Euro languages?
What kind of printer?
What kind of fonts? Which foundry? PS? TT, OT? old? new?
Where the fonts are installed on MacOsX?
Does a pdf output work from Xpress 6?
Does a page to eps then re imported into Xpress work?


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