AIGA New Orleans People's History of Graphic Design, the rough cut

View the rough cut created from 13 interviews of graphic artists, type setters and designers in the deep south for the 2008 Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC). These craft and trades folk range in age from 21 to 96 and live in south Louisiana in an area flanked by Pineville to the north, Thibodaux to the south west and Covington to the east including Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

This is a work-in-progress trailer for a feature-length version of revisionist history of type and graphic design focusing on the American south.

AIGA New Orleans People's History of Graphic Design from AIGA New Orleans on Vimeo.


It seems like a great start for such an undertaking. I cracked up when you explained your, and Meggs, methodology for inclusion as personal preference.

hi james,

was cracking-up a good thing? it really is in the introduction to the book and was confirmed at the SECAC conference where it was aired.

its interesting to try to figure out who includes and excludes what and on what criteria.

thanks for looking.