(x) Screaming For Change - Helvetica {Mark S}

Hello. First off, this board has been very helpful!

Can anyone identify the fonts below?

1. I want to know what font “Screaming For Change” is written in.

2. What font is “Wishingwell” and “Records” written in?

3. What font is “Side Two” written in?

These look like very basic fonts so hopefully it will be a no-brainer for someone. I’m guessing the fonts are the same but just at different weights.

Thanks again,
Sean O’DonnellImage of Uniform Choice labels


should read “help”. haha. I need to proof before I post…

Everyone must be asleep…

1. Helvetica Bold
2. Helvetica Bold Extended
3. Helvetica (Regular)

thank you! So Helvetica is the exact font?

Well, it’s from 1966 (if the date on the label is correct) and it is slightly different from the digital version of Helvetica we have now (the S is a bit narrow and the C and G are a bit wide). It could be that it’s a knock-off version, but basically, yes, it’s Helvetica.

Uniform Choice!
Is this the first straight edge type ID?

Heh, I thought there was something very-not-1966 about it. I saw the date at the bottom and it looked like a 6, not an 8. I actually wondered if it was a fake.

I still stand by my ID. Given that it was 1986, if it’s actually a Helvetica knock-off, I think it could be Compugraphic’s Helios which would still have been common then.