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Hello everyone :)
I've just registered in Typophile, and I'm a third year graphic design student at the American university of Beirut, Lebanon.

I'm working on my logo, and my identity as a designer, and since I'm interested in Arabic type, I made my logo in a way that reflects this interest.

I'm just looking for some feedback from non-Arabs, because I feel it would be very helpful and beneficial to me.

my picture is attached (there was a problem inserting the image)

Looking forward for any reply.

Thank you :)

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Hello Sulaf

welcome aboard! I loved your logo: it has harmony and style. Since you want people to remember the name correctly in their mind, I think you should alter the Seen which looks like Raa now. A hint of teeth may be one way, but probably best would be to have the pointy stem pointing south west!


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1. Welcome Solaf with Flowers
2. Better sharpen the meeting point of L+A (la) so that it looks like a bird:
3. Make the Seen Long enough to take care of the boaty Fa and birdie La.
4. Happy Designing

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hey :)
thank you for your feedback :)
I'll work on the things you pointed out, and if any major alterations happen I'll update you :)

thanks again!!

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