Vintage Book Labels

I found this site and thought it was interesting. Thought I would share.

Scroll down to see the labels.

[[|Gallery of Book Trade Labels]]


Thanks for posting, Sharon.

Very inspiring. Some of these types could turn out to be really cool and modern if we were to retrace them-especially the Sans.

Love the one with "Kitazawa booksore", with Jap Kanji on it -great label!


Thanks, these are really nice!

I'm glad you liked them. I love this kind of work.


These are very nice. So much nicer than all the dead lifeless and boring modern sans based designs of today. Thanks for sharing.

OMG--what a beautiful collection, thanks for sharing the link.
i am using one of those labels as newfound inspiration for the overhauling of my visual identity...will post soon with a picture--Thank You!

okay, here's a pic of the inspiration from the site Sharon linked to:

and here's a pic showing my concept I will bring to the graphic designer:

the gray square is holding the spot where my mark will go.
i don't want to hijack this thread, so i'll post these pics over in the "critique" and "identify" sections, so i can hopefully get some feedback, as well as identify the fonts used in the original.