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What point size to start with when designing a new font

Hi guys:

I've got a question here- what point size do you guys usually start with when you are designing a new font? I am refering more to "mainstream fonts" and of course for display and text, both would have different sizes to start with...

I am sure different one of us would have different rationale to why he/she starts with a particular point size- let's hear your rationale as well...



Unless you are cutting type from metal or perhaps doing some sort of bitmap font, then point size has more to do with the end use in an application. If you mean how large are original drawings, that probably varies a lot. Many people start with sketches having a cap height somewhere between 2-4 inches.

A lot of my work is with scripts, so I start with writing much smaller than that, but at like 800 DPI or higher in Photoshop. After cleaning up and arranging in the high rez file I copy into a much larger low rez file set up for importing into FonLab. I do all my vector work in FontLab.

Thanks, Stephen

I suppose we are talking about designing on the computer here. Hard to find anyone still doing it the traditional way these days.

As far as the original sketches are concerned, I think it really depends on how comfortable our hand can move and draw (and depends on what tools we use) to give us sufficient outline to start with. I think most of us would do a pretty rough drawings first, and then scan it in, and finish off the rest with Fontlab or with any other font deign software.

Since it's done in vector, I suppose it makes no diferent what size we are working on screen.