Creating a Telugu Font


I am new to this forum. VOLT User community recommended this site.

Mangal is the only Unicode compatible Telugu (Indic) language font released by MS. Two other Unicode compatible fonts Pothana2000 and Vemana are available and are created by Desikachari (Canada). Government of India also released some Unicode enabled fonts on their website.

I am a TeX user and when I compile documents using the above fonts and XeLaTeX (SIL) except Mangal, Pothana and Vemana the other fonts (Govt of India) are giving bad results. That means they are not properly coded.

So I started creating a font for this Language. I am following the Pothana2000 layout (glyphs as per Pothana) and using VOLT.

By trial and error basis I learnt many things. Now my font is working in VOLT Proofing Tool. But when I shipt out the font and install it and use it using WordPad etc. the font is not working.

I want help in this respect. Please help me.

The following images help you how I coded my font

Another image

Another image showing font in Proofing tool