Can the grid really be broken?

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Can the grid really be broken?

From what I have read about breaking the rules/ abandoning the grid, Im not sure it is completely possible to escape. Discussions of the designer being, well you could say, unleashed from the grid to result in a more creative and unconstrained piece of design. Though I have noticed, if not a grid then a form of structure/control is needed and used , to produce a functional piece of design. So is the grid really being broken or just recreated into another form?

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When I listen to Elvin Jones play around the beat I think about the point you are making. There is always something unheard or unseen there if it is only your mind trying to impose order.

With design, something more free-form creates a tension where the viewer is compelled to try and understand an order. If you don't want this tension/distraction you can nail everything down in a predictable way. Even in a New York School painting you may find a dash of color placed in a position that tips the hat to formal geometric composition.